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e-World takes cybersecurity very seriously. Our IT Audit, Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment services aim to fully secure and protect your IT environment. Additional layers of security are always recommended to keep your network fully secure. Who better than a certified professional for the task?

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Our IT Audit services are intended to assist your company's I.T. team. As an IT technician for a company, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all data while also keeping an eye out for any potential threats. However, the cybersecurity world is constantly changing, bringing with it new threats and risks that your IT department may not be aware of. 
This is where our third-party IT audit comes in.

We complete tasks that your internal IT team may be unable to complete. We provide two types of services. The Audit + Report package, in which we identify your cyber vulnerabilities and irregularities, and the full IT Audit package, in which we resolve those issues for you.

-    Audit + Report 
-    Implementation + Follow-Up 

During the auditing process, we will evaluate the efficiency and efficacy of each line of defense you have implemented in your business. We will review what your IT department has done well, as well as what they could do better, in areas ranging from antivirus software to access permissions to password strength. We will also inspect your servers, whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based, to ensure maximum security. Following a thorough examination, we will prepare a detailed report detailing everything that is correct and incorrect with your IT defenses in accordance with ISO-certified standards.

If you choose the full IT audit package, the second phase of our IT audit program will begin here. We now begin our practical problem-solving with a full detailed report. After all, identifying a problem is useless if you can't solve it. We will go over each and every problem that we have identified and put the solutions in place as soon as possible. After that has been finalized and double-checked, we will offer our final procedure, the follow-up. Our follow-ups are tailored to the problems that we have identified and resolved. Whatever your issues were, our IT Audit is not complete until we have followed up and confirmed that your issues have been resolved.


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