About Us

About Us

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Who are we?

We are a highly trained and qualified team of engineers and specialists in IT training and services.

As the online business expands exponentially, so do the threats. Threats can be extremely expensive, damaging, and can even cost you your business and even your personal savings.
We do not only sell you essential products but we do help and coach you and your staff, how to protect yourself efficiently thanks to our partnerships with the most efficient and recognized IT Protection companies in the world.

We have been present in Europe and the MENA region for over 14 years and are now going global.

Passion and trust are keywords in our business philosophy.
Protect your business. Protect yourself. Leave the worries to us.

Our Vision

After over 10 years in the IT Training field working with worldwide recognized IT companies, Our CEO, Mr. Samy Bou Ghanem realized that the world of online training had yet to be globally developed and implemented. So, the decision to start his own business was taken.

Online training was still at its very beginning and a niche market had to be filled. e-World was created.

A few years later, Covid-19 appeared, and online business has become essential in all aspects of the international economy.
This is where e-World has an advantage as we have started online training very early, thus creating a solid and time-tested experience in this field.


Our Mission Statement

Helping you protect yourself and accompanying you each step of the way.